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Our Recruitment process


Our recruitment process is meticulously designed to provide each candidate with a comprehensive understanding of their day-to-day responsibilities upon joining our team. This includes gaining insight into the role's objectives, Lhyfe's aspirations, and the work environment.

We firmly believe that effective collaboration towards energy decarbonization hinges on competence and unwavering professional dedication. Furthermore, we embrace diversity and inclusivity, welcoming applications without regard to any criteria other than professional qualifications.

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Different stages

  • Team spirit is essential if you are to fit in with this collective project. Above all, we are looking for people highly adaptable, curious, and proactive. People convinced of the impact that our project can have on tomorrow's world, and who are willing to invest in this human adventure, with a desire to become involved in the company's development.

    Matthieu Guesné

    CEO of Lhyfe

Our recruiters